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Breakthrough Associates We are R&D Tax Credit experts; it’s all we do. We specialise in reviewing and optimising previously submitted R&D claims, as many companies only include the obvious qualifying expenditure. Most companies do not go through the thorough process of evaluating all activities within the business that may qualify, or simply do not realise the scope of qualifying costs. Regularly, we find that failed projects, support staff and other qualifying activities are overlooked. We’ll manage the whole process for you and compile a robust report, respected by HMRC, that details why your activities qualify under the scheme.
What are R&D Tax Credits? Since the year 2000, the Government has been rewarding companies investing in Research & Development, in the form of Corporation Tax relief or cash payments. R&D Tax Credits are not just for companies with lab technicians in white coats (though these certainly are eligible). If you are developing a new and innovative product, refining processes or manufacturing techniques in a unique way, or even adapting existing ones, you should be claiming the relief you’re entitled to. There’s a lot of risk attached to investing in innovation and HMRC want to provide companies, like yours, with the financial support they deserve.
AM I MISSING OUT? The definition of R&D is much broader than is commonly understood. As such, the vast majority of eligible companies are either not claiming, or missing substantial amounts of qualifying expenditure in their claims. Many companies in your industry may already be benefiting from this scheme, giving them a competitive advantage over you. The R&D Tax Credit scheme is there to help all eligible SME’s to reduce the cost of production and business innovation. We do the hard work to maximise your R&D recovery.
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What are the simple facts? You can claim an R&D tax credit for the last 2 financial years, so we need to hear from you in good time before your business’s financial year ends. A claim can be completed in as little as 4 weeks from the initial exploratory call to you receiving monies in your account (where the Corporation Tax has already been paid). If you are on a deadline, our team will work around the clock to ensure your claim is submitted in time . Our fastest is one week start to finish! An SME Tax Credit allows you to enhance your qualifying expenditure by an additional 130% !
HMRC Key Statistics
The scheme has been running for nearly 20 years, but many companies are still unaware of it or don’t fully understand it! *Please note the statistics for 2016-2017 are not yet complete, as claims can still be submitted for this financial year. As such, the figures should be considered temporary and are expected to change.
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HMRC have calculated that for every £1 they award a company through the R&D Tax Relief scheme, they indirectly receive between £1.53 and £2.35 in tax to further stimulate the British economy. Despite all sectors being eligible, some utilise the scheme more than others, as shown in HMRC’s chart below: